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Welcome to Dazzle Systech (I) Pvt. Ltd.,!

We are offering the website design,development and web hosting services just for Rs.750/- only.
We have our own website http://www.dpi.net.in. and http://www.slm.net.in. We are in process of includng all the details about our Dharmapuri District and Salem District.
You can get your own website. for example if your organization/shop name is Dazzle or DST then you can get your site as http://dazzle.dpi.net.in or http://dst.dpi.net.in or http://dazzle.slm.net.in or http://dst.slm.net.in

You will also get additionally the following for free:
1. 4 or 5 static web pages - This includes description about your organization/shop with images.
2. You will get a email like dazzle@dpi.net.in or dst@dpi.net.in of 10MB web space.
3. You will get 20% discount in the dynamic web design.
4. Free listing of your details in corresponding category with more information in http://www.dpi.net.in and http://www.slm.net.in website.

Advantages of having this:
1. Your organization/shop will be known to the outer world easily.
2. You will be very much accessible via Website and Email
3. You're Clients and your Vendors can view about you and your service/market on their computer, whenever they are in need off.
4. You can have all your details in internet, so that no need of explaning about you to the new vendor/customer briefly, your website will do it for you.

For all of these things you are going to spend only Rs.750 per year. Yes, it is true in our Dharmapuri first time. Normally it will cost you minimum Rs.2000 to 3000 per year to handle your website and the email addres for your own. But now you are going to spend only Rs.750 and we will take care of other things. If you pay Rs.750, we will take needed images/you can provide us with the images you want in your website, and it will be hosted within 2 days and you will get your URL id/Email id within a day.

For more details, feel free to contact us.