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Welcome to Dazzle Systech (I) Pvt. Ltd.,!


1. Predicting Roulette Outcomes (EPSILON) -
   This primarily calculates the outcome of the Roulette based on the Research made by Mr.George. We have done the implementation part of the research.

2. Roulette Calibration Calculations -
   This is one more side project used in the EPSILON

3. Roulette Simulator -
   Simulates entire roulette operations

4. Simulator for Tennis -
   In this, there will be a GUI for the input of the service and corresponding further progress of the Tennis. Finally it will show lots of detailed report with the Graph.

5. 3D Graph Generator -
    Generates multiple 3D graphs for variety of input.

6. Histogram Maker -
    Generate varieties of Histogram charts for given input

7. HTML Parser and auto SEO/RSS Generator -
    Given a normal HTML file, it will parse the file and automatically try to introduce the SEO and RSS Feeds for that HTML, apart from that it has several other internal processes.

8. Virtual Private Network -
    Will connect multiple systems over network/intranet/internet.

9. Network Simulator 2 Updates -
    We have made multiple changes/updates and introduced some of the algorithms in NS2.

10. Maze Simulator -
    Simulates Maze with multiple strategic/actions implemented